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Dr. Manoj, from kerala, India graduated in holistic medicine shares his experiences with the mysterious science of healing. Browse through all the link pages to achieve a clearer view about the vast areas of this integral science of healing. Dr. Manoj is currently practicing as a Holistic consultant in one of the leading international spas. Visit his home page to know more about him


Naturopathy is a science of healthy living. It is to bring a perfect harmony between the elements and forces comprising the human entity. This science emphasize on the existence of five great elements by which the human body is composed of. They are earth, water, light, air and ether. The treatment modalities employed in naturopathy are based on these five great elements.


Earth element - Mud therapy

Earth is one of the essential elements and the use of this element in treatment is termed Mud therapy. Mud has got many medicinal properties that enable the physician to use this element for the healing. The chemical, thermal, mechanical and magnetic properties of the mud are being used.

Water element - Hydrotherapy

Water has been found to have many medicinal properties. A major percentage of body composition is water. The internal and external applications of water at different temperatures are used in therapy. It is scientific that any application on the body has a dual effect an action and a reaction. Similarly the different temperatures of water results in various circulatory changes depending on the duration of the applications

Light/Fire element - Chromo therapy/ Diet therapy

The seven colors of the visible spectrum of sun have different chemical and physical properties based on their wavelength and frequency. Violet, indigo, blue and green are considered to be cooling colors and yellow, orange and red heating colors due to the deep penetrating power. There are various modes of treatment in chromo therapy. Colored glasses or color charged water is used in treatment. However the commonest form of general application is in the form of exposing the body to the sun. The light or fire is also related to the digestive fire within the body. The cure is obtained by balancing the pH of the digestive juices which in turn is achieved by proper eating habits

Air element - fresh air and breathing exercise

Fresh air and sunshine has been considered to have curing properties by the famous historians of Naturopathy. Also a true naturopath stresses on the vital importance of exercise synchronized with breathing. Achieving a perfect balance in alkalinity and acidity of the body fluids by the method of correct breathing helps in not only combating the illness but also to prevent their occurrence.

Ether element - Fasting therapy

The element ether is compared with the vacuum in the body. This vacuum is created by the method of therapeutic fasting. Fasting is entirely different from starvation both in its aim and practice. It is defined as the complete abstinence from taking any kind of food except water for a therapeutic period of time with the intention of cleansing the body. Mental preparedness is a vital requirement to achieve the effective results in fasting.

Fasting therapy

Fasting is the complete abstinence from taking any kind of food except water for a certain period of time with the view to give total rest to the organs of the abdomen.

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